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14 Stoner Bands You Need to Listen to Right Now



Musicians who are vocal about their support of marijuana always hold a place in the heart of High Times. Whether they’re rapping about burning a fat J or singing their soul out about smoking another spliff, these stars deserve to be put on a pedestal by the pot-puffing populous because they help spread the word about weed being a substance that encourages peace, love, and acceptance across all cultures and boundaries.

We thought it would be proper pothead etiquette — or “potheadiquette,” if you will — to pay due respect to these talented acts to let them know how much we appreciate their support in the quest for legalization. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite videos by our favorite heady musicians for your viewing and listening pleasure. If any of these artists are new to you, we’re happy to be introducing you and encourage you to check out more of their tracks.

The list is not ordered since everyone on it is awesome, and if we left your favorite ganja-loving musicians, do us a favor and shout them out in the comments below (even if it’s a local band, the stoner community would love to know about them!). And, as always, happy highs to all!