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2 Chainz Smokes the Most Expensivest Weed

2 Chainz took his GQ web series Most Expensivest Shit to find the world’s most expensive weed-smoking experience. (Note: Most expensive does not mean “best,” but oh well.)

Nancy Grace’s nemesis joined forces with “celebrity” medical marijuana consultant Dr. Dina at a smoke shop, where the sales guy produced the gold rolling papers we made fun of a while back. Dr. Dina pulled out canned weed that retails for $100 a pop ($800 an ounce?! We seriously question how good it is) and they rolled it up in gold. They then hit the “biggest pipe in the world,” packed with an ounce of Loud. Not to be curmudgeonly, but it seems a tad wasteful to roast an ounce with just 3 people there. Hopefully they shared it with the camera crew when they stopped rolling. Next time, call us, 2 Chainz! We’d love to help out.

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Mary Jane Gibson
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Mary Jane has been writing and editing for High Times since 2007. Currently based in Los Angeles, she writes about cannabis culture, entertainment and cutting-edge trends.

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