2017 High Times Cannabis Cup Canada: Day 2 Recap

Such a magnificent home for the weekend we’ve been provided with.

A few of the various Cannabis Cup Entries with Limited Edition Med-Tainer.

BC Bud Depot providing only the finest strains to start your garden with.

Rosin Tech giving live onsite demos of their live resin press in action!

You could say testing each entry out is a long process… but it’s certainly enjoyable.

Celebrating 4:20 properly with that Raw PreRoll—pretty sure it was about 80g in there.

The views at sunset from camping in the beautiful mountains of Vancouver Island, BC are just an added perk.

You know Sasquatch couldn’t miss the Cannabis Cup. The organic he was holding was fire.

That Head Cheese Sativa Dom was off the chain… BC Bud to the max.

Toronto-based Sloan showered us with some Canadian rock ‘n’ roll once the sun went down for the evening.

That Mayweather vs. McGregor fight though…

Late Night Vibes from the Saloon Stage.

Lil’ Kim came out performing hit after hit bringing us all back for a bit.

Queen Bee closing out the Main Stage.

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