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Album Premiere: GAGE’s ‘Green Caviar LP’



Miami-based indie rapper and marijuana enthusiast GAGE is celebrating his birthday today by dropping a new album—and HIGH TIMES has the exclusive premiere!
From the first track to the final note, Green Caviar LP is an unabashed ode to everyone's favorite herb, guaranteed to make you break out your dankest bud. 
"I love marijuana because it puts my mind at ease and helps me to relax," GAGE explained. "It helps more than it hurts. Once the government gets the memo, this world will be so super dope. Pun intended!"
GAGE croons at the end of the album, "You got the green light to get lit."
And we suggest you take his advice! So, spark up, sit back and jam out to this brand new, ganjarific release!

You can follow GAGE on Twitter and Facebook and can buy his new album HERE