Cali P Discusses Video Release For “People Want More”

“People Want More” is the first official single to drop from the four-song Cali P x TEKA collaboration, Vizion II (LowLow Records).
Cali P/ Photo by Kai Eckold

“What I wanted to make sure of with ‘People Want More’ was that me, as a ganja lover — and I would say as a cannabis activist and revolutionary — I really love to sing ganja songs, but I have a lot already,” says Cali P.  “For me, the main point in this song was to bring the message that, with the legalization that is happening in America, some places in South America, Europe freeing up, what about places like Indonesia, Malaysia and Dubai? Places people get hung for a spliff, you know? I wanted to put those words out in the world.”

“People Want More” is a smooth reggae/dancehall jam which focuses on the power and perseverance of ganja. Visually brought to life by director Tim Foresta, with creative direction from Jonathan Gehlen, the song’s video is crisp, clean and fun to watch. At various points in the video, Cali P can be found in a sea of clouds, chopping broccoli or dancing, all set against a very bright green and white color scheme.

Album cover for Vizion II by Cali P x TEKA/ Flo Nitsch

“Everybody is very excited about it. They say it looks super fresh,” remarks Cali P when asked about the video. “It’s a reggae song. It has this reggae vibe, the dope vibe, the bass vibe… but in the visuals it should come off very fresh for a younger generation.”

Released on November 8, Vizion II is the second in a three-part offering from Cali P and TEKA. Vizion I dropped this past January and Vizion III should drop before summer 2020. The collaborations feature the best from both artists’ skill sets. Cali P’s vocals live perfectly in the sonically engaging soundscape brought forth via TEKA’s production.

“I met up with TEKA from Berlin, [the] producer. He had these special kind of riddims which fuse reggae music, trap music, hip hop, dancehall, and even Afro vibes,” recalls Cali P.

“It really talked to me, so I just wanted to go over to his studio and spend a few days there. In those days we recorded a lot of songs. We were really inspired. We basically recorded all these songs that are coming out right now on this Vizion piece. It was really just a creative time… good time. That’s how the whole project came together.”

The release of the video for “People Want More” will signal the close of 2019 for Cali P, with more extensive touring and music to follow in 2020. Cali commented on the year’s end as he concluded his interview with Connor Lovat-Fraser, Editor-in-Chief for Higher Mentality:

“We did a lot of shows this year,” notes Cali P. “Now we’re actually just gearing up for next year. We’re going to put out Vizion III next year, but we’re finished with shows for this year. Now we’re just putting up the video and letting people enjoy Vizion II.”

Cali P x TEKA’s Vizion II EP is available for purchase and streaming via the following:

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