Chris Brown Allegedly Thrown Off Private Jet For “Smokin’ Loud”

Chris Brown was allegedly thrown off a private jet on Monday after hotboxing the aircraft.

According to TMZ, Miami-Dade police were called to the Signature Aviation at Miami International Airport by Brown’s pilot, who complained of a strong marijuana odor coming from the cabin. The pilot had reportedly warned Brown and his crew not to light up, but they ignored him. While no one was arrested, police kicked the passengers off the aircraft. TMZ reported the smell was so strong that “the pilot had to open all the doors and air the aircraft out.”

Brown’s entourage documented the incident on Snapchat with a caption stating, “We got kicked off the jet for smokin loud.”

Brown himself took to Snapchat to deny to the claims, telling fans that he is in Cannes and asking, “How are the hell we in Cannes if we got escorted off a plane?”

(Photo Courtesy of PPCORN)

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