Free Download: All Them Witches

In honor of 4/20, All Them Witches have decided to give High Times readers the gift of music – for free.

“There is a lot happening in this,” explained drummer Robby Staebler. “We were playing a last minute secret show in a warm place. This dude’s face exploded right in front of me! There were windows disintegrating, giant animals pouring out of holes in the atmosphere, and weed. It’s a fucking fire storm of ships colliding in a creek. We freaked for a moment. Bottom line is that we were peaking as a band and the jams were real dope.”

Download the epic, 24-minute-long track “It Moved We Moved:Almost There:A Spider’s Gift” now for a limited time!

You can follow All Them Witches on Facebook and Twitter and get more info at

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