Ilana Glazer Says if She Could Smoke With Anyone, It Would be Whoopi

In an #AskBroadCity Twitter chat, Ilana Glazer responded to the question "Who would you most like to have a smoke session with?" with a hilariously on-point answer: Whoopi Goldberg. 

"I really wana blaze with Whoopi," she said in a Twitter video, "I swear it's cool, we're very good friends. It's just a matter of scheduling. It's gonna happen." 

Glazer's dream blaze-buddy and Sister Act star made a guest appearance in a choir scene on this season of Broad City, and Glazer hopes the goddesses of weed will bring them together again. 

"Meeting her was like hallelujah! Hallelujah! No, like, pun or something for the, like, gospel feel of the scene, but, um, smoking with her would be even closer to God." 

Goldberg is launching a marijuana product line for women, and Glazer's got a new special—the Time-Traveling Bong—airing over three nights on Comedy Central, starting on 4/20.

Let us bow our heads and pray the two spark up together soon, and record it so we can all bask in their holiness. 

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