McFly Member Opens Up About Secret Cannabis Habit

McFly Member Opens Up About Secret Cannabis Habit
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One of the members of British boy band McFly recently opened up about his cannabis habit and his recent decision to stop its use.

Appearing on the British daytime television program This Morning, Harry Judd, who is best known as the drummer for British rock band McFly, admitted to smoking weed almost every night to deal with anxiety issues that first stemmed at the age of 19, two years after joining the now-famous band.

McFly: British Royalty

If you’re unfamiliar with the band’s origins, McFly is a London-based band formed in 2003 and was named after the quirky Back to the Future character, Marty McFly.

The band is made up of Tom Fletcher (lead vocals, guitar and piano), Danny Jones (lead vocals, harmonica and guitar), Dougie Poynter (bass guitar) and of course, Judd himself.

The group rose to fame after fellow British rock group Busted invited them on tour in 2004. They released their first album Room on the 3rd Floor, which opened up at number one on the UK Album Chart and is certified as double platinum. The wild success of Room on the 3rd Floor made McFly the youngest band ever to have an album debut at number one on the album charts, surpassing The Beatles.

McFly’s other hit albums include Wonderland (2005), Motion in the Ocean (2006), Radio:Active (2008) and Above the Noise (2010).

Harry Judd Tells All

Despite his squeaky-clean boy band image, Judd claimed he was secretly smoking cannabis, amongst a plethora of other drugs and alcohol, to cope with his anxiety and depression.

“I joined the band at 17. I was 19 when things started to turn for me and I suffered from anxiety,” Judd said on This Morning. “I stumbled across the strongest form of marijuana—not at school, during the holidays. I very quickly fell dependent on skunk.”

While it was weed Judd used to cope with his anxiety, the drummer believes the disorder stemmed from alcohol abuse. Judd used exercise as a platform to fight his addictions head-on.

“The alcohol was allowing the anxiety to rear its ugly head. It was the exercise that helped. I soon realized, there were so many benefits to exercise. That’s why I felt compelled to tell my story,” Judd explained. “It’s not just about transforming the way you look but the way you feel. People are intimidated by gyms. They don’t have the time and money.”

Judd now remains alcohol and drug-free, and has written about his battle with anxiety and depression in his new book Get Fit Get Happy. 

“Exercise has been the key to looking after myself.” Judd explained. “I feel it needs a voice for people who have suffered from anxiety and depression. Exercise is worth a try. It doesn’t have to be an arduous task.”

Final Hit: McFly Member Opens Up About Secret Cannabis Habit

Although Judd goes on to talk about how he became reliant on cannabis-use as a method to fight his anxiety and depression, it’s far from the cause of his problems. Cannabis has long been considered a less-addictive alternative to the frequently-prescribed benzodiazepines, amongst a bevy of other prescription drugs, used to fight anxiety and depression.

While it could be entirely possible Judd went a little overboard with the ganja, this problem could have potentially been avoided if he sought out medicinal cannabis. Had he gotten the proper dosage and strain from a licensed physician, his weed-use would be considered merely a treatment, rather than an addiction.

Unfortunately, the UK’s policies on medicinal cannabis are stringent at the moment and appear to be ways away from a widespread legalization. However, that could change soon enough. The UK’s first-ever medical marijuana patient, Billy Caldwell, had an incredible recovery from life-threatening chronic seizures following  CBD treatment. While his story hasn’t changed the UK’s stance on medical marijuana quite yet, similar cases could in due time.

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