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New Halloween Traditions for Stoners

Emily Cegielski



Tonight's episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! is the show's first-ever Halloween episode, and it's a tradition that we hope continues! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and for stoners, what's not to love? There's campy movies, outrageous costumes (It's the only day we can wear sunglasses at night without being questioned!) and more candy than our munchies can handle!

In addition to the Comedy Bang! Bang! hilarity, there are so many fun traditions that we think stoners should adopt and make their own. 

Wickedly sweet treats? Can we all start making them with weed, please? 

Traditional costumes? Lets make them stony!

What about scary stories? We already have the Curse of the White Lighter and there are so many more opportunities for tales of Halloweed horror!

Seriously though, the possibilities are endless! 

Check out the exclusive HIGH TIMES-approved Comedy Bang! Bang! clip below and make sure to tune into IFC tonight at 11 p.m. to watch the full episode!