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Review – The Cartel: A Novel by Don Winslow



The recent second prison escape of Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman looms over this intense novel written by Don Winslow. El Chapo inspired Adan Barrera, Winslow’s calculating druglord, whose brutal rise to the top he previously chronicled in The Power of the Dog. The Cartel opens with Adan’s first jailbreak as he readies himself to go to war with his rivals, as well as the DEA agent that relentlessly pursues him and the journalists trying to report the gruesome facts.

Fair warning: Many events depicted in this novel are shockingly violent. Winslow perfectly captures the horror and hypocrisy of a conflict that has claimed over 100,000 Mexican lives and corrupted media and politics to the highest levels. Along the way, he also reveals the shocking truth—that we are all part of the insatiable machine behind the madness that has sadly come to define Mexico.

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