Six Feet Under: Full Album Stream & 5 Favorite Strains

In honor of the release of Six Feet Under’s Crypt of the Devil, we’re giving our readers a chance to stream the entire album live! And since bandleader Chris Barnes is a world-renowned marijuana enthusiast, we had to know what his five favorite strains of cannabis are. Some of his answers might surprise you, but here they are in his own words!

CHRIS BARNES – My Five Favorite Strains Of Cannabis

1. White Bud: This is a straight hash plant variety that some friends of mine and I used to grow in the mid ’90s. We grew using the methods provided to us by High Times Magazine and Ask Ed [column]…. One night riding our motorcycles back 100 miles from the garden – both carrying a quarter pound each of white bud – my friend and I were chased by a police car. He got pulled over; I got away, and went back to my place. Long story short, the police officer called in a high-speed pursuit on us. My friend pulled over at a gas station. When all the other cops showed up, they started making fun of the initial cop, calling him a rookie. Dude got so embarrassed he never searched my friend, they only impounded his motorcycle. I came back to pick him up and we returned to my place to smoke many bongs of the best bud we ever grew. Thanks to High Times!

2. Panama Red OG 1979  – This and #3 are the first strains I smoked.

3. Acapulco Gold OG 1979 – This was the most beautiful strain that ever existed on the planet. It literally looked like it was covered in gold dust… and the taste was like nothing else.

4. NYC Diesel – This was a strain that my late brother and I loved. The bong hit at the end of “420” on Warpath was NYC Diesel.

5. Gold Leaf Gardens Peppermint Cookies – To me, this is the best strain out there right now—and is the closest thing and may be related to my favorite strain—which has since been lost. Gold Leaf Gardens is the top grower in Washington state, in my opinion, and when I smoke flower that’s all I smoke.
And with that, take a listen at the brand-new Crypt of the Devil, out now on Metal Blade Records.

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