Song Premiere: Left Lane Cruiser’s “Cutting Trees”

We figured right about now y’all needed some hard-rocking blues. That’s why we’re proud to premiere Left Lane Cruiser’s “Cutting Trees” from their forthcoming album, Dirty Spliff Blues, out on June 16 on Alive Naturalsound Records.

So what’s that song title all about?  Frontman Freddy J IV explains: ” ‘Cutting Trees’ is a reference to smoking blunts in the van. ‘Your bush is so green… really gonna satisfy me… Gotta get you in my hotel room… Sit back and roll you up and taste your bloom.'”

He continues: “This new album is a testament to the struggles of being a band on the road without weed, the journey we undertake in pursuit of sufficient THC levels, and the beauty of getting stoned and breaking off some crusty, dirty jams. When the cops take our weed they never get all of it. We make them work for that shit. We’re the guardians of the ganja!”

Bless! Check out the catchy-as-hell track below, and keep up with Left Lane Cruiser right here! Plus: pre-order the starburst vinyl and CD of Dirty Spliff Blues, or their digital edition now.

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