Song Premiere: M Ross Perkins’ “Humboldt County Green”

Tokers, this Tuesday special is for you. This brand-new track from M Ross Perkins, “Humboldt County Green,” is the kind of good old-fashioned psychedelic-tinged rock & roll that the world could use right now. The inspiration, as told by Mr. Perkins, is equally as enchanting.

“During a period of time when I was broke as hell, my best friend spotted me a bag that he said had just come off the bus from Humboldt County,” recalls Perkins. “I went back to my house, got stoned, and wrote ‘Humboldt County Green’ sort of as a double tribute: partly as an ode to Humboldt County itself and partly as a way of showing gratitude to my buddy for letting me slide on the money I owed him for that bag. I gave him a nod right at the beginning of the first verse: ‘I’ve got a friend and he’s got the money / He’s gone to get a jar of California honey.’

When it was done, I sent him the demo, and he shared it with our friend from Humboldt who had couriered the stuff back to Ohio for us. She wasn’t wild about it. She said it’s annoying when non-Californians talk about the place like they know something about it. I said, ‘I guess we should scrap all those old love songs about Paris, then.'”

To order the digital single of “Humboldt County Green,” click HERE and HERE for the full CD.

photo: Stephanie Baker

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