Song Premiere: Nervous’ “Lapse”

Oakland, California’s punk trio Nervous releases their second EP “Duration and Delusion” on October 23, and to celebrate, the three pot lovers are giving High Times’ readers a special treat—an exclusive premiere of their new track “Lapse.”

“The writing process of ‘Duration and Delusion’ was heavily influenced by, and under the influence of, one of our favorite strains—Star God,” bassist Conrad Nichols, told High Times. “It’s a cross between Star Dog and Poison OG. It’s really strong, and in higher doses can be pretty psychedelic. Although it’s a bit cliché to say, it really put us on the same ‘wave-lengths’ creatively and emotionally. Smoking Star God before playing live is also a great warm-up for us, even though it sometimes makes setting up our gear a bit more daunting a task.”

Both other members concurred that the band’s favorite strain collectively is Star God, but it’s not the only herb they are smoking.

“Duuuude, the local weed scene is rippin, lots of very good, very well grown indoor weed here in the Bay Area,” drummer Jacob Harris said. “Most of the dispensaries are filled with high quality craft bud, way too delicious edibles and an assortment of concentrates. With the outdoor season coming to an end, we are excited to see what delicious things come down to the Bay from the North.”

“My favorite strains of all time are Larry OG and Chemdawg 91,” Jake Spek, vocalist and guitarist, continued. “I really love gas—big OG, Chem and Sour Diesel crosses and varietals fan. I’m also a big fan,as a lot of people are, of Crockett Family Farms. Their crosses are very, very nice.”

So break out your favorite strain, light up and listen! You can keep up with Nervous on Facebook HERE.

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