Song Premiere: The Longshots’ “Mucho Mango”

What can we say? We love some Texas bands – and The Longshots are the latest rockers to make us happy, that’s why we’re thrilled about premiering their track, “Mucho Mango,” a song about marijuana use and fun flavors. Currently a part of the Los Angeles based record label Moc k Records, the band simply wants to show swift vigilante justice and a “good time” can be brought to the table with good ole fashion rock ‘n roll.

“I know it doesn’t work like this for everyone, but weed gives me a ‘green light’ feeling towards ideas I usually might brush aside,” says singer Joey Gorman. “It has helped me become more open minded or consciously ‘brave.’ It also attaches that nostalgic feeling of being in someone else’s shoes. Those two things together helped me make wise decisions I honestly don’t think I would’ve been weird enough to make at that given moment.

“For instance,” he continues, “it’s been hard to find oil/concentrate as of late in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, as it is still highly illegal in Texas, but I fixed that problem and now just the idea of a High Times premiere is blowing my mind with nostalgia, plus it has just helped myself, along with a lot of people i know, not be assholes.”

Check out The Longshots’ video for “Mucho Mango” and keep up with the band on Twitter and Facebook!


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