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Song Premiere: The Longshots’ ‘Screen Watchers’

Sativa Von Teese



Just in time for the holidays, The Longshots are back, and this year, they're giving HIGH TIMES readers a special present—the exclusive premiere of their new song "Screen Watchers."

"I got stoned and wrote the final cut of the lyrics in the studio right before we laid down it's vocal track,” band member Joey Gorman explained. "Last year brought a pretty intense winter, so the months leading up to actually recording the album involved lots of 'screen watching.’ Even though we are mammals, our evolved society does not allow or leave room for hibernation, so humans go insane instead. With the support of the overgrown population of agenda-based blogs, my side of the argument became an easy Google search. So, just like everyone else, I ended up watching/reading up on the rise of meta-knowledge via smart phone and the realization that 'sanity' is fucking insane and maybe the telescreen is the real gateway drug."

Light one up and take a listen below! And make sure to follow The Longshots on Facebook and Twitter.