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Tomorrow, one of our favorite bands, The Black Dahlia Murder, releases their new album, Abysmal. And surely, a globe-spanning tour will follow for singer Trevor Strnad and company. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to score marijuana while you’re on the road ? After his exceptional ode to cannabis, we had to ask Strnad for a crash course on weed destinations around the world. Once again, he didn’t disappoint.

Once again… Take it away, Trevor!

The Traveling Man’s World Of Weed

USA – It’s hard to choose a favorite weed city, especially one to represent the whole of the United States. There are insane nugs to be had in Portland, Seattle, Denver, and, of course, anywhere in California. I have fond memories of disgusting smoke down in Florida… it seems like we’re always ripped when we’re down there recording. Michigan, too, is coming around in a major way. I’ve noticed a huge increase in overall quality since we started stepping towards legalization. Overall, there’s no place for weed like the good old land of the free.

Canada – For Canada I have to give props to Vancouver, B.C., they always provide the sickness. Vancouver has a raging nightlife and its people definitely like their greens.

Europe – As far as Europe goes, it’s obviously all about Holland, but you’ve got to mention Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a small walled-in and self-governed mini-village that is host to a large marijuana trade in the center of their downtown. I guess there is some grey area stuff to it and the cops could raid at any second, but it’s a great place to get some great weed.

Indonesia – The worst weed I’ve ever smoked was in Indonesia. I remember being really scared that we would receive a knock at the hotel room door and we’d be off to some prison with shit-covered walls like I always see on that show, Locked Up Abroad. The weed, if you could even call it that, wasn’t worth finding out if there was any truth to all the threatening anti-drug sentiment we saw on the signage at the airport… I don’t want to die by the long arm of Indonesian law for a bunch of crappy seeds.

This stuff was embarrassing; literally all seeds and barely any plant to speak of, and smoking this was the norm for them.  It really made me appreciate the pot culture in the States and how easy we have it. The kids providing said weed were really nice and I didn’t have the heart to tell them that they didn’t know jack about smoking, period. They asked if I liked it, and I said, “yes” between endless fits of harsh coughing. I’m not sure if I really actually got high, or just suffocated myself enough to feel slightly altered like a pre-teen on the playground playing the choking game.

Japan – Smoking in Japan was surreal, I think it’s probably my favorite setting in the world in which to be stoned. It’s so visually stimulating as it is, and weed just ups the ante entirely to an astronomical level. I’m telling you, being ripped out of your mind and stepping out into the packed streets of Tokyo is the most amazing feeling. It’s like a total sensory overload. It reminds me of the scene from Back To The Future 2 when Marty is getting a load of all the 3D Jaws signs… it has a very futuristic aspect to it.

We were only lucky enough to do so because of Brutal Truth/Nuclear Assault bassist and esteemed weed enthusiast Dan Lilker’s extreme kindness. We had been there several times before that without any luck; it’s a really rare and frowned upon thing there. Before that particular trip and meeting Dan, we swore that the only weed in Japan to be found was the stuff the cops pulled off Paul McCartney at the airport in 1980. They say people are so ignorant to what marijuana even is in Japan that you can get away with smoking a joint in the middle of the street… the common Japanese person is none the wiser to the appearance or even smell of weed. Still, our guitarist Brian and I would partake in the miniature bathrooms of our hotel accommodations with tons of towels and blankets shoved and piled against the door, always fearing the fate sealing door knock would come and throw a wrench in our touring lives forever.

Take a listen to Absymal in its entirety right now!

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