The Nightly Show: Yes We Cannabis

Since Stephen Colbert ended his nine-year run on The Colbert Report a few months ago, Comedy Central has filled his former 11:30 pm slot with a new satirical news program—The Nightly Show, hosted by Larry Wilmore. Since Wilmore has yet to hit his stride, falling far short of the comedic brilliance of his predecessor Colbert and The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, the show has been rather hit or miss depending on the evening’s guests and topic. Last night, Wilmore tackled the topic of marijuana legalization in an episode entitled “Yes We Cannabis.”

During the first half of the show, Wilmore discussed numerous statistics and headlines, while trotting out the same tired stoner clichés—such as poll takers who forgot the question and a correspondent who was supposed to do a comprehensive report on the issue, but got high and didn’t do it. In the second half, the evening’s panelists (including comedians Michelle Buteau and Adam Carolla, dreadlocked psychologist Dr. Carl Hart and TV host Roland Martin) enjoyed some brownies and had a slightly more meaningful conversation.

Watch the full episode here.

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