Video Premiere: Colombian Necktie’s “Don’t Fear the Reefer”

Photo: Dea Jonayon

Don’t let their imposing name fool you, the gents in LA’s Colombian Necktie are all about toking up and having a good time. So much so, that they decided to make the song, “Don’t Fear the Reefer,” the lead-off video from their latest album, All Paths Lead to Nowhere (out September 30 on Black Voodoo Records).

Though they may have a penchant for cannabis, the after-effects have never dulled Colombian Necktie’s metallic hardcore edge. And like their music, marijuana allows the band to channel their somewhat negative energies into something a little more controlled.

“I don’t think of myself as an angry or depressed individual by any means,” starts bassist Alex Dupuis, AKA “Zig Zag.” “But like anyone else, you’re going to run into situations in life that’ll leave you feeling upset. Rather than blowing up or acting out irrationally to whatever that situation might be, I’ll take a step back, smoke a J, collect my thoughts and come back at it correctly. I find it to be a great remedy, in terms of keeping your cool when your mind is in a negative place.”

Pot’s PMA is also a great conduit for writing, according to guitarist Juan Hernandez. “In order to write, I need to relax and be able to get in that ‘daydream’ space where I can see and hear the music I want to play and then work it out on my guitar.”

“Colombian Necktie’s music is weed in audio form,” adds guitarist Ben Daniel, plainly.

Further evidence of this can be seen in the “Don’t Fear the Reefer” video. Shot over 12 hours and a reported three ounces of stinky greens (primarily, Mad Men OG and Medicure OG) at Hernandez’s house, Colombian Necktie felt compelled to complete this vision as an ode to the bud.

“I was listening to [Black] Sabbath’s ‘Sweet Leaf’ and realized it was a love song about marijuana. It made me [wonder] if there were any current songs that honored marijuana other than rap songs,” confirms vocalist Scott Werren. “I wanted to keep the lyrics honest. While I was writing it, I was reflecting on all the stigmatization that surrounds it even though the last three presidents have smoked before. It made me wonder why we still have these stigmas and how it isn’t legal yet.

“I love weed. I love it. In my life I’m more productive than most and I have marijuana to thank.”

And with that, check out “Don’t Fear the Reefer” and follow Colombian Necktie on Facebook and Bandcamp!

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