Video Premiere: DevilDriver’s “My Night Sky”

We’ve had a long and storied history with DevilDriver and their legendary frontman, Dez Fafara, so when we were asked to premiere the first video from their brand-new album, Trust No One, we were honored – and “My Night Sky” is a ripper.

Above and beyond being the no-nonsense metal juggernaut he is, Fafara has always brought a certain sensibility to light about his marijuana use. “Cannabis has played a major part in my life, first helping me get past my ADD as a kid,” he said. “Now, later into my adult life, its benefits are overwhelmingly positive—everything from sparking creativity to lowering blood pressure as well as helping me focus… Just plain and simple, [it’s great for] taking the edge off my day and nights as a family man that runs four businesses it.

“It’s important to learn to chill when the time is needed. I thank Shiva for giving human kind this miraculous life changing and healing plant.”

That mellow vibe is hardly evident on DevilDriver’s fiery single, “My Night Sky.” Need proof? Check out the video below! And catch up with the band on and Facebook.

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