Potty Mouth’s ‘Creeper Weed’ Music Video

Female post punk rock trio Potty Mouth loves ganja, and we are loving them. This week, the band released a music video for their single “Creeper Weed,” and it’s an epic ’90s throwback that you definitely won’t want to miss.

“‘Creeper Weed’ is a song about that feeling you get when someone thinks they know you better than you know yourself, or at least enough to judge you when you act ‘out of character,'” lead singer and guitarist Abby Weems explained. “Personally, the lyrics are referencing that awkward transition from being in a relationship to just being friends and how the new interactions can come off as really cold. Sometimes, I get that same feeling when friends from outside the music scene come to one of my shows, and I wonder if they think I’m putting on an act. But this also seems to happen a lot in general when you get older and the people you know are determined by the places you go, which means the perception of you is limited to those circumstances.”

Shot in Los Angeles and directed by Abby Banks, the video features a crew of young, female skaters with footage that looks like it was captured on a VHS camera.

“I liked the idea of ‘creeper weed’ itself and how when you smoke, you never really know when it’s going to hit you,” Weems continued, “but when it does, everything feels different. When I think about how I act while meeting new people, it seems like a similar pattern. I’m always nervous about making a good first impression, but it’s totally the reserved, watered-down version of my personality.”

We suggest that you gather your best weed (creeper or otherwise), light one up and check out the music video below. And make sure to follow Potty Mouth on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Their latest EP is currently available on iTunes.

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