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What Was He Smoking? On Meek Mill’s Diss Track



Sometimes we sit back and think, "What the fuck was he smoking?" when we hear something so ridiculous we can't believe it's real—like Meek Mill's "Wanna Know" response track to Drake over their latest Twitter-fueled beef.

While we do acknowledge that this isn't about marijuana per se, y'all have to admit a large part of our audience has been watching the meme-generating feud unravel all over social media. So when we came across this Facebook post from our all-too-infrequent contributor, Big O, we had to share. — Ed.

From Big O:

I knew Meek Mill dropped the ball on that response record as soon as I heard The Undertaker's gong sound at the beginning. My advice:

1. Get those Daniel Bryans ("Yes" men) out your circle. They tell you everything you do is the shit because they don't wanna get kicked off Nicki Minaj's tour.

2. Prepare for Nicki Minaj to leave you as soon as the tour is over.

3. Rap your words CLEARLY. Half that shit sounded like you were mumbling.

4. Don't ever use a sample from a wrestler's theme song. Especially with Hulk Hogan out here dropping more N-Bombs than Trinidad James.

5. Go save a lion from a hunter and make a record about that.

6. Sharpen your sword by getting into a battle with Joe Budden because now you have to work your way back up to a rematch with Drake.

7. Finally, get Canibus to ghost write a REAL Drake diss record when people start taking you seriously again and expand upon the whole "who pissed on Drake" question that you got everyone asking now.