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What Was He Smoking? Tom Lennon Spills Hilarious Secret

Sativa Von Teese



Comedy Bang! Bang! returns with another HIGH TIMES-approved episode tonight (IFC, 10:30 p.m.), and we're super stoked to get stoned and watch! 

This week, actor and screenwriter Tom Lennon, known for his role as Lieutenant Jim Dangle on Reno 911!, joins co-hosts Scott Aukerman and Kid Cudi—and he ends up sharing way too much information about his personal life. 

Now, we're not assuming that Lennon toked up before the show, but let's just say, there are definitely some marijuana strains that could turn someone into a "Gossip Maven." Many sativas and sativa-heavy hybrids are known for having a chatty, high-energy effect. Our best guess is that IF Lennon was high, he was smoking an energy-boosting Haze (Super Silver Haze, Miami Haze, etc.) or White Widow, the powerful hybrid known as a social strain.

Check out the exclusive clip from tonight's show below, and let us know what strain you're smoking in the comments.