New England Cannabis Convention Takes Over Boston

Photo by Kevin Schumacher

On April 22nd and 23rd, the New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) took over Boston, Massachusetts. Thousands of attendees went from booth to booth at the Hynes Convention Center, learning about everything from grow medium to lighting to CBD and beyond.

High Times also went from booth to booth and was utterly impressed by many of the show’s exhibitors and sponsors. All in all, the event was well organized and the roster intriguing, with dozens of speakers.

One of the first booths to catch our eye was the Beantown Greentown booth. Via Instagram (@Beantown_Greentown) and varied secret locations, this group of Boston area buds and cannabis caregivers provide clones for perpetual grows, promote “More Weed, Less Greed” and have big plans to move into dispensaries and collectives across the state. They’re also a lifestyle brand that sells dope hats, t-shirts and other swag.

At the Cannabis and Hemp Association booth, it was raining CBD candies! One of the only products for sale at the convention, for $20 you copped a bag of sweet or sour frogs, or one of their other confections. The sweet frogs helped keep this reporter on her feet for the full eight hours the conference ran each day.

Another CBD (and THC, though not officially allowed at the booth) company that piqued our interest was THR Technologies. They suspend CBD and THC molecules in water, basically homogenizing the brews, so that you always get an exact dosage. The taste is pleasant, and the technology is on the cutting edge of cannabis, offering liposomal delivery, which increases absorption five to 10-fold.

Speaking of cutting edges, there was a father/daughter team presence who collect keys to melt them down, sell the metal and feed the hungry. Activism was a running theme of course, and we were happy to see MASS CANN/NORML present, as well as Parents 4 Pot.

At Parents 4 Pot, the goal is ending prohibition one family at a time. They provide resources for patients and parents to talk to their children and other parents about the benefits of cannabis.

Unbelievably having forgotten to bring a bowl myself, I was more than pleased to meet the crew! They make stealthy metal pipes that have amazing price points, good weight and hit hard. They also are made by an old-school, awesome crew.

Show sponsor BloomBoss LED Grow Lights had a large presence, with a three spot length booth, an expert speaker on one of the panels and a steady flow of curious convention goers.

With the winning pitch of the show, Earthly Fresh Worm Castings had some of the most innovative ideas on how to keep your grow in castings soil and tea, without ever going stale. The texture of the castings was perfect, not too wet or dry, and their mailing system should be going viral about now.

With too many great presences to mention, we look forward to more NECANN events to come. New England certainly loves its cannabis, and between turnout and vibe, this convention was an utter success.

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