New FlavRx Line Contains Up To 90 Percent THC

Get next level lifted on-the-go with FlavRx’s new Black Label line of cartridges and vaporizers.
New FlavRx Line Contains Up To 90 Percent THC

We’re excited to announce the drop of the new potent FlavRx Black Label line. Each product is made with the connoisseur in mind. FlavRx uses top-shelf extracts that have 80 to 90 percent THC to fill the inside of their pre-filled Black Label vape pens and cartridges. The new FlavRx line makes it easy to stay blasted when you’re out and about.

Black Label Disposable Vape Pens

New FlavRX Line Contains Up To 90 Percent THC

The new FlavRx line has two disposable, pre-filled vape pens: the Black Label Disposable Joint and the Black Label Disposable Stick. Since they are disposable, you won’t have to deal with packing a messy wax pen. Furthermore, you won’t even have to find a compatible battery, it’s all in one!

The main difference between the joint and the stick is the size.

The stick is the larger version of the 300 mg joint. The stick comes with 200 mg of extra oil, making it the longest lasting disposable vape pen in the line-up.

Both the stick and the joint feature an upgraded ceramic heating element.

FlavRx Retractable Pocket Companion

New FlavRX Line Contains Up To 90 Percent THC

Ever dropped a cartridge only to pick it back up and find it broken with your precious oils spilling out? FlavRx feels you.

That’s why they invented the refillable, retractable, pocket companion vaporizer. The glass portion of the cartridge retracts into the vaporizer’s shell to protect from falls and pocket pressure. So you can rest easy without having to check your pocket every five minutes to make sure your cartridge is still intact.

The refillable vaporizer comes with a high-grade ceramic heating element and several colors to choose from. Syringes for refilling will be available soon. The battery comes in gold, rose gold, silver, gunmetal black and gloss black.

Black Label THC Cartridges & Battery

New FlavRX Line Contains Up To 90 Percent THC

The Black Label Cartridge is a huge upgrade from the OG FlavRx cartridge design.

The cartridge is a completely new design with an elegant metal finish.

The round mouthpiece and adjustable airflow valve allow users to customize their clouds. If it’s heating up too much, allow more air to flow through for a smoother smoke. Not enough cloud for you? Close the valve up some so that vapor is given enough time to build up.

If 500 mg doesn’t seem to last long enough for you, you’re in the market for FlavRx’s Double Black Label Cartridge.

The Double Black Label is filled with a whopping 1000 mg of ultra-refined Black Label oils. FlavRx made a battery custom tailored for optimally heating their oils. There are three temperature settings and the heating element is ceramic.

If you want the Double Black Label experience with added stealth, the company has an upgraded Flip Key Battery that can be adjusted to three different settings: 2.7V, 3.1V and 3.6V. The lowest setting will grant you more flavor, whereas the highest setting will have you blowing smoke like a chimney.

Final Hit: New FlavRx Line Will Get You Higher Than Ever Before

New FlavRX Line Contains Up To 90 Percent THC

The Black Label line was made for people looking to get higher while keeping things simple and lowkey. Once you finish a cartridge or disposable pen, you can toss it straight into the recycling bin. If you enjoy the potency of a wax pen but not the hassle, you’ll love the new FlavRx line.

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