No, NASA Won’t Pay You $18K to Stay in Bed Stoned—Just to Stay in Bed

Will NASA really pay me to stay in bed and smoke weed for 70 days? No, but the thought is quite fun to contemplate, especially the part about getting paid $18,000.

These days, as we find ourselves inundated by social media sites that may or may not be pushing fake news, let’s go straight to NASA and see if there is even a smidgen of truth in this restful offer that recently set the internet abuzz.

Well, well, well…it looks like there is!

NASA is indeed undertaking Bed Rest Studies, but, sorry, there’s no weed involved. Rather, bed-resters are volunteers inclined to offer their lounging services for the sake of science.

And, as you read on, you’ll see they are inclined in more ways than one.

NASA bed rest studies provide scientists with ways to see how the body adapts to weightlessness. Volunteers spend up to 70 days in bed with a six-degree head-down tilt. They eat, exercise and even shower in the head-down incline position. Now does this sound like something you’d want to do stoned? No, thank you.

However, according to Forbes Magazine, the part about the $18,000 is true. While you are so engaged in bed, you can entertain yourself by playing games on your phone, reading books, Skyping or Face-timing with your friends and, if you work remotely, you can even keep up with your day job—just as long as you don’t get out of bed for the entire 70 days.

Who takes part in these studies?

According to NASA’s website, bed rest studies attract people looking for a change and those who can afford to check out of their everyday life for a few months. Many participants, according to NASA, say they just want to do their part to support space travel (and earn a cool 18 grand in the process).

NASA says if humans ever walk on Mars or live in space for long periods, it will be in part, thanks to the bed-rest volunteers.

In case you’re wondering how the showering thing works, not to worry, NASA has that covered. In order to ensure that volunteers remain at a six-degree head tilt at all times, the bed-resters take their showers strapped onto a specially modified gurney.

Again, does this sound like something you’d want to do stoned? No, thanks.

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