NYC Sees First-Ever Line for a Cannabis Product

Photo Courtesy of @puffco

Loyal fans of the High Times award-winning brand Puffco recently showed up to the new Manhattan WeedMaps location  to switch out their old pens for the upcoming model. With such a successful turnout, lines down the block indicated that the city that never sleeps also never stops dabbing.

Pedestrians passing by turned their heads at the cannabis-themed sign on the building, even asking if there was cannabis for sale inside. Instead of cannabis, customers were able to buy or trade in vaporizers. Those that made the trek into the city also got to meet Jewice of the Flatbush Zombies, who has remained a close friend to the Puffco team over the years.

Some hardcore supporters made the trip from as far as six hours away, showing that there wasn’t much that could stop someone from getting their hands on the unreleased vaporizer.

Such a demand for a cannabis product in New York City has never been seen before, which is a clear sign that the Big Apple is ready for the industry to move in.

Although possession is still in illegal in New York, in the fall of 2011, New York Police Department commissioner Ray Kelly called on police officers to stop improper marijuana arrests. Despite that memo to officers, marijuana arrests continued to rise by nearly a third in 2016, meaning that the War on Drugs is far from over in the five boroughs.

After releasing the popular Puffco Plus within the past year, the Brooklyn-based company returned to their roots to deliver a large and powerful coil without any waste or sticky threads to unscrew.

Many New Yorkers are constantly on the move, and the city streets don’t always lend themselves to smoking a joint in peace. Having a vaporizer that can get through a glob in under a New York minute is exactly what the people needed, and being able to support a local company that has continued to give back turned into the first event of its kind.

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