NYPD Goes Rogue on Pot

Recent reports have surfaced alleging that the NYPD is planning to stage a “work slowdown” to protest the new marijuana policy handed down by Mayor De Blasio and Police Commissioner Bratton.

The new policy changes the penalty for possession of up to 25 grams from an arrestable offense, to a ticketable offense, freeing up countless hours of wasted time for cops, prosecutors, court workers and more. Nevermind the inherent racist element to a law that resulted in the arrests of tens of thousands of New Yorkers, 80% of them black or Latino, via Stop and Frisk.

So let us get this straight – New York City cops have decided to not do their jobs protecting city residents from violent criminals because they’re upset about a new law that the Mayor as well as the majority of the city—and the country—want to see in place?

Every time we’ve spoken directly to an officer of the law about pot arrests, they inevitably say, “We’re only enforcing the law, if you want us to act differently, get the law changed.” Well, here—it’s been changed—but still the officers are asserting their opinion that we as citizens, don’t know what’s in our own best interest.

We can only come to one sad conclusion – The NYPD has turned into a rogue force that’s willing to sacrifice the safety of New York City taxpayers, in order to send the mind-boggling message that more pot arrests will somehow keep city residents safer.

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