Outkast Spill-Proof Dab Rig

As a result of the rise in popularity of concentrates, there has been competition in the glass and vaporizer communities to push the envelopes of the industry. Even though vaporizers seem to be the way of discretion, it’s obvious that a nail on some glass really can’t be replicated. Despite high-quality micro-glass being created for purposes such as mobile dabbing, there are often tasks like filling and emptying out water that hold one back from really being on the go with them. Outkast Glass has created a non-spill pocket oil rig that solves the problems of those looking to dab on the run without resorting to electronics.

Outkast Glass is based out of Harrisburg, PA, operating as a one-man operation. The art Derick makes take the form of everything from spubblers to traditional spoons, and a variety of water pipes. Using thick glass, it’s assured that quality is never in question when ordering. Even shipping is made convenient for the buyer with a two-day option and cautious packing to ensure its arrival.

The first product to take off for Outkast was the spubbler. Spubblers are a combination of your common spoon (bowl) with a chamber for water that qualifies it as a bubbler, as well. Due to their purpose and compact designs, they’re usually spill-proof, so water doesn’t splash in the user’s mouth and spill in their pockets. Although he didn’t invent the idea of spubblers, Derick’s design has caused a spark in the industry. Following in the footsteps of these flower pieces, the next logical step was to apply the science to the world of concentrates.

The non-spill pocket oil rig from Outkast uses the design of the spubbler to make for a convenient travel piece for concentrates. Measuring in at around six inches, it’s perfect to throw into a pocket when out and about. The 14mm straight clear joint is covered with a loose-fitting dome to address the common nuisance of the two getting stuck together after some usage. Also included is a 14mm quartz dish nail that requires a smaller torch for quick heating and cooling, thus perfect for on-the-go dabbing. As for the internal layout, the mouthpiece has four fire-polished and twisted slits that allows water to enter but not to exit. Four ice catcher indents pop bubbles before getting to the mouthpiece while an inner tube system regulates the water levels without allowing any to spill.

Despite being a non-spill water pipe, filling the chamber with water is still a simple process. A minimal amount of water is needed and too much at once will cause overflow, so it is best to slowly add water until it is at the right depth. To assure it’s at a suitable level, give it a pull and if done correctly, there will be a solid amount of bubbles stacked without any on your lips or in your mouth. Changing the water is suggested daily for cleanliness, and to do so, just blow into the rig. This will blow the water into the bottom chamber and from there you can turn the piece over to dispose of it.

As far as functionality is concerned, this product is a winner. Even though you’re not going to be taking giant globs with the nail provided, it’s a road companion that will surprise you with its smooth draw. Most of the time your travel glass isn’t something you’d use every day, but the same can’t be said here. Aside from being easy to handle and store, the non-spill feature is the ultimate advantage, and is why I’m finding myself using mine all the time.

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