13 Cops Brutalize Girl After Claiming to Smell Weed

The Fargo Police Department is being accused of excessive force and torture after brutalizing a teenage girl because an over-zealous officer suspected she was getting high on marijuana. However, while this incident is unnerving, it reached a despicable new low after more than a dozen backup officers arrived, some of which threatened the girl’s concerned family members with loaded weapons, one of which was aimed at her sister’s baby.

The whole disturbing scene unfolded late last month after a couple of Fargo police officers investigated a 15-year-old girl sitting in parked car in front of a family residence at around 11:30pm. In typical meathead fashion, one of the officers approached the vehicle and began harassing the girl, accusing her of participating in a late night toke ritual. Yet, the girl insisted she was not getting stoned, but rather using her sister’s car to charge her cell phone.

Offended by the girl’s honest response, the officer, perhaps with a dark sexual fetish for roughing up young girls, reached in and forcefully removed her from the vehicle, and then proceeded to twist her arm so far behind her back that her hand actually touched the back of her neck. Of course, even a highly trained fighter will tap out and scream “uncle” after having his arm nearly ripped off by an opponent, so it should be no mystery what happened as soon as officer Caligula put this young lady in an agonizing chicken wing: she screamed bloody murder.

The sounds of the girl bellowing from the streets were enough to wake the dead, along with members of her family and several neighbors, which caused them to come running outside in horror. Luckily, by the time officers bounced the young girl’s head off the hood of a squad car and grappled her to the ground, there were enough eyewitnesses gathered around to nail these uniformed thugs with cell phone video.

Yet, the threat of being disciplined for the use of excessive force against a minor did not stop the officers from unleashing a furious scuffle with the teen, with full intentions to shoot and kill anyone who tried to stop them. In fact, when the girl’s sister, who was holding a baby at the time, begged officers to stop, one of them pointed a gun at her. This is when she noticed the laser sight was positioned on her baby.

“I looked down like this and saw their red light right here on my baby’s back. They told me to get back or they’ll shoot,” said the sister.

Although this vile affair began with two officers, reports indicates that a total of 13 officers were called to the scene to assist in busting this little girl for smoking pot, which incidentally, she was not doing. Yet, that did not stop her from getting arrested.

Police did not find any traces of marijuana or paraphernalia on the girl or in the vehicle, yet she was incarcerated for three days simply because one of the officers claimed he smelled weed. The girl, who was visibly injured at the time of the incident, was also refused a trip to the hospital and instead, treated with aspirin and ice packs to help ease her run in with local law enforcement.

If not now, when? End the drug war!

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