Glass Artist of the Month: Robert Raymond

Robert Raymond ( behind the torch

Robert Raymond (aka Drakken Glass) has held a fascination with art glass since a young age. A collection of soft glass marbles inspired him to start making Venetian glass bead jewelry at the age of 10. As glass pipes and tubes became more popular in the late 90s, he began collecting glass pieces on his travels and developed a deep appreciation for the craft.

Having always been the creative type, he worked in many different mediums including ceramics, oil paints, photography and film. But after making a few friends who were crafting lamp-worked borosilicate, he purchased a basic glass setup and took the plunge in 2007. Drakken Glass has been heating up the glass scene ever since. His work has been featured in several publications and filmed by several media companies. Glass art fans from as far away as Australia and eastern Europe. Robert says he’s been inspired by the people he’s met, and has been blessed with a circle friends who have helped pushed his art in new directions.

“I see a world of possibility for this art medium,” Robert says. “In fact, the next generation of artists is already tirelessly working on their craft!”

IMG_2307You’ve heard of a “snake in the grass.” How ‘bout a “dragon in the grass?” Be careful where you step on your front lawn!


IMG_20151016_235848Raymond is one of those glass artists who’s inspired by the macabre.


IMG_20150212_170007_2The imagination of a glass artist often produces weirdly beautiful pipes.


RRelectricdabmask1Raymond created this electric dab mask, wherein a stoner can wear his rig on his face.


A37A9801Here’s another version of the dab mask (with proper accoutrements). That’s Robert Raymond himself demonstrating its efficiency.


IMG_1577You can’t take a trip to the dark side without carrying a skull pipe.


editskullfumeThis rig also features skulls in its design. As we all know, cannabis is good for the cranium!
HTedit2Every warrior princess needs a glass bikini.


11313753_971705176207581_79021646_nNot sure why, but many stoners require scary companions attached to their smokeware.

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