12 Influential Pro-Cannabis Politicians To Pay Attention To

There have been more and more pro-cannabis politicians voicing their support for legalization. Here are 12 to be inspired by.
12 Influential Pro-Cannabis Politicians To Pay Attention To

12. Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt.

12 Influential Pro-Cannabis Politicians To Pay Attention To

A lot of the pot-smoking world felt the Bern in the 2016 primaries.

The senator’s feelings on weed have been transparent. He makes it easy for the other lawmakers to understand, reminding them that marijuana is not heroin.

Instead, he calls for an end to federal prohibition of recreational and medical pot use.

Bernie may not burn flowers. But he’s certainly been part of the flame that has ignited this conversation about cannabis reform.

Final Hit: Supporting Pro-Cannabis Politicians

Having lawmakers behind the movement to have universal legalization of weed is important. But nothing is quite as important as what the individual can do to pot’s progress in the US.

Pro-cannabis politicians are voted into office by you, and so the possibility for change starts with you. So make sure to show up to the polls.

But first, educate yourself on what representatives think about weed before casting your vote.

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