Jackie Chan’s Son Busted for Pot in Beijing

Last week Beijing police arrested Jaycee Chan, the actor and son of international martial arts movie superstar Jackie Chan, during a raid that uncovered 110 grams (roughly three and a half ounces) of marijuana.

The 32-year-old Chan tested positive for pot and has since admitted to smoking weed since 2006. Also busted were Chan’s friend, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, and a third person only identified as Mr. Song who was charged with selling the cannabis.

Jaycee Chan remains incarcerated and is facing criminal charges of “hosting others to take drugs.” If convicted, Chan faces a sentence of up to three years. Ko received a 14-day prison sentence for consumption of pot.

Last week Jackie Chan, 60, addressed his son’s arrest on his official website, titling the emotional entry: “Heartbroken.” The elder Chan disclosed he was “enraged” when he first received word Jaycee was busted for pot and that he remains “ashamed…sad and disappointed.”

Jaycee’s arrest is particularly awkward for Jackie as he is currently a “Narcotics Control Ambassador” for the Chinese police, a position he has held since 2009. Jackie is also a member of a group that is part of China’s legislative body and publicly supports the staunchly anti-drug Communist Party.

On August 18, Jackie Chan flew to Beijing in an attempt to use his influence to aid his imprisoned son. Jaycee Chan’s bust highlights a disturbing 72 percent increase in the number of people being detained for drugs in Beijing this year compared to 2013, according to China Daily.

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