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Man Named Stoner Busted for Weed

Virginia police say a man they have arrested for growing marijuana is a born Stoner… literally.

According to reports, law enforcement in the small town of Blue Ridge received a tip from a local informant earlier last week that a drug dealer by the name of Paul Stoner was selling weed to kids all over town.

Not surprisingly, a snitch telling tales of small children getting high on whacky grass was all it took for investigators to convince a judge to sign a search warrant, and soon law enforcement agencies from across the state were in hot pursuit to the residence of the cannabis-slinging culprit known only as Stoner.

In the meantime, 42-year-old Stoner, oblivious to the fact that a highly armed drug task force was racing toward his home with extreme prejudice, was doing exactly what every drug peddler does after his clientele is called in for the night — he was chillin — but not for long.

Soon there was a knock on the door, followed by the explosive sounds of several cops armed with automatic weapons busting in.

During the search, investigators discovered a modest cannabis cultivation operation, which they claim had a street value of over $10,000. In addition, the search uncovered a pound of marijuana and a pistol.

In the end, Stoner was charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession of over a pound of weed, and possession of an illegal firearm.

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