The Future of Cannabis Debuts at the New Marijuana Mansion

Go inside a decadent soiree at the new Marijuana Mansion, a private pad in the Hollywood Hills designed to celebrate the future of legal cannabis by BigMike, a.k.a. “The Marijuana Don” and the crew at Advanced Nutrients. Billed as a chance to party with marijuana industry heavyweights and Hollywood’s movers and shakers, the over-the-top luxury begins the moment you arrive and are ushered into a idyllic garden filled with beautiful people, free drinks and dab bars.

The night’s Cirque du Soleil theme expressed itself with gold-painted nymphs dancing through the garden, lovely acrobats pouring champagne from elevated swings, stilt walkers covered in glowing lights, and ladies in a giant inflatable ball floating in the pool. It was a fantasy come true, complete with a hefty dose of THC.

Check out shots from this exclusive shindig and start scheming on how to get your own invite to the next big bash!


Advanced Nutrients brings you the #MarijuanaMansion, a new pleasure palace for Hollywood deal makers to meet marijuana industry heavyweights.
These strange things are lit-up stilt walkers who either delighted or terrified partygoers, depending on how high they were.
Why yes, I would like more champagne.
Lavish buffets featured king crab, enormous prawns, a carving station with prime rib and roast beef, plus sushi chefs preparing fresh rolls on the spot.
Gold-painted dancers added to the garden scenery.
Multiple dab bars kept revelers happy and high.
Advanced Nutrients brings style and luxury to the Marijuana Mansion.
LCD poi twirlers create trippy patterns.
This bar was made out of ice!
Dab bars allowed patrons to sample different types of hash and extracts.
Detail of the “Cirque du Marijuanadon Cake,” created by Glam Cakery.
Marijuana Mansion looks out on vast views of the L.A. skyline.




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