Woman Finds Weed Jackpot, Doesn’t Know It’s Weed

Imagine you are driving along a stretch of road when all of a sudden you spot a mysterious package in the distance. Upon further inspection, you discover is a substantial amount of marijuana has been abandoned by its owner. Do you call in sick at work and spend the rest of the day getting stoned with close friends, or turn it over to the police?

If your first instinct is to turn the weed over to the authorities, not only are you likely reading the wrong website, but you are on the same questionable wavelength as this woman from Kansas.

Last week, Wendy Flickinger was on her way into the town of Hutchinson when she witnessed a large plastic bag lying on the side of the road. Her curiosity got the best of her, which led to her jumping out of her vehicle to take a closer look. Although she was suspicious of the contents of the bag, she claims she had no idea what she had come across. “I look over and I found a bag, a plastic bag, with other plastic bags in it and I’m going what is that?” she told KWCH.

Determined to get to the bottom of what was inside, she placed the package in the passenger seat and proceeded to drive it to her place of business, where she planned to show it to employees in hopes of having it identified. ” I asked the guys, I said what is this? They said, oh my gosh that’s pot,” said Flickinger.

However, rather than giving the weed to her workers as a summer bonus, she decided to take it over to her best friend, Pam Cartwright’s house for a morning show-and-tell session. “She called me and said I’m in your driveway. She said you want to come out and see what I got,” said Cartwright.

As the novelty of her discovery began to wear off, Flickinger realized that she could possibly go to jail for traveling around town with a bag of marijuana. So, she put in a call to her local cop shop and told them she was on her way to the station, and for them not to bust her before she got there. “I told the dispatcher, I said now look, you make sure you have my name,” said Flickinger. “If I get stopped you need to back me up here because I do not want to go to jail for this.”

Captain Darrian Campbell of the Reno County Sheriff’s Office told Flickinger that her “found the pot on the side of the road” story would have been a difficult one to sell had an officer stopped her.


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