Play Like a Kid and Party Like a Legalized Adult at Camp No Counselors

Camp No Counselors is the sleepaway camp for adults you’ve been waiting for your whole life.
Play Like a Kid and Party Like a Legalized Adult at Camp No Counselors
Chris Cha

Not a lot of things define the experience of growing up in America the way sleepaway camp does. If you never did it yourself, you definitely saw it in the movies. And TV. And Goosebumps books. Camp No Counselors is an all-inclusive adult sleepaway camp that lets you play like a kid all day, and party your face off like an adult at night. And since it’s all across America, legalization laws have really kicked this ultimate weekend getaway up a notch.

Play Like a Kid and Party Like a Legalized Adult at Camp No Counselors
Amy Pinard

The Ultimate Throwback, Updated

If you went to camp as a kid, you’re hit with nostalgia the minute you step foot onto the grounds. For starters, they take over actual summer camps before the kids arrive. That means, yep, you’re sleeping in bunks, eating in a mess hall (except they serve food that tastes, well, good), and running around the same spaces you would be as a kid. Climbing, playing sports, lounging by the pool, doing arts & crafts, and everything else that made camp so great as a kid is alive and well at CNC.

The only difference?

During meals and all night long, you’ve got yourself an open bar. Each camp has a smoking section as well, which means that if it’s legal, you can smoke it. Since Camp No Counselors is all over the country (and Canada too), that means LA, Seattle, and Denver camps will have an extra green bonus in said smoking sections. It’s the dream that our younger selves didn’t even know we had.

Play Like a Kid and Party Like a Legalized Adult at Camp No Counselors
Amy Pinard

What to Expect at Camp

You’ll arrive on a Thursday evening, just as everybody is gearing up for a “welcome” bonfire (a wonderful setting to smoke things legally). This is where you’ll start to form some of your weekend friendships that, come Sunday, will feel like they’ve lasted an entire summer.

Think of Friday as a practice run for Saturday’s insanity. A big day of “free play” (a stoner’s two favorite words), you’ll have the day to do pretty much do whatever you want. After a bottomless brunch you’ll sign up for a slew of activities, and the day will fly by faster than you expect. No booze is available during activities, but the legal smoking zone is always around. Are you the type of stoner who is super active? Hit the ropes course or the dodgeball courts. Are you the type of stoner who likes to relax? The lake is calling your name. Are you a perfect mix between the two? Maybe archery is more your speed. You’ll finish Friday off with the first of two themed, DJ-led ragers. “Play like a kid, party like an adult” indeed.

Saturday, however, is the big day. If you’re not familiar with Color War, you better watch some old camp movies, quick. During this all out battle for dominance, the entire camp will split up into teams and compete in various challenges, finally culminating in a 75-foot slip-n-slide/flip cup shot. The final party is Saturday night… so win or lose, you’ll still booze.

While it might initially sound like a short vacation, it won’t feel that way on Sunday morning. As you take the day to gather your things and fend off your hangover as much as possible, the weight of the weekend will hit you. It’s exhausting in every possible way.

Play Like a Kid and Party Like a Legalized Adult at Camp No Counselors
Amy Pinard

The Future of Camp

It’s surprising it took this long for an idea as great as Camp No Counselors to surface. We all love to act like kids, and CNC is here to connect us to that innocent time we miss.

Except, you know, with a lot more partying.

As legalization spreads, camps across the US and Canada will begin to change — just look at this year’s LA camp compared to last year’s. If Camp No Counselors’ motto is “Play like a kid, party like an adult”, then the legalization of cannabis goes with it, hand in hand.

LA, Seattle, and Denver camps are bound to be extra fun this year. Which state will be the next one to bump up CNC’s potential?

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