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The lighter of the future is here… and man, is this thing cool! We’re talking Batman utility-belt cool. We’re talking James Bond in an Aston Martin with Steve McQueen riding shotgun cool. It’s time to ditch your disposables and say hello to the Plazmatic X by

This thing is a masterpiece. It’s a precision engineered eco-friendly badass piece of art you can carry around in your pocket. It’s a flameless, windproof, water resistant gadget wrapped in a premium zinc alloy tuxedo. If the Plazmatic X had legs, it would steal your girlfriend. It’s that fucking smooth.

Don’t believe us? Flick the top, push the button, and be amazed. Instead of a nasty butane flame, the Plazmatic X heats things up (is 900+ degrees F hot enough for you?) on some next-level ‘ish with a pair of purple lasers. Imagine lighting your next joint or blunt with a lightsaber. Yeah, we thought so.

The Plazmatic X gets up to 100 lights on a charge, and has a USB rechargeable battery, which – trust us – you’ll need, because you’re going to be showing this thing off to everybody. It comes in a bunch of beautiful finishes to fit your style – from the freshest wood grain to the best-selling Black Ops. Plus, it’s environmentally sustainable, saves hundreds of disposables from the landfill, and is beard friendly.

So toss your other lighters in the drawer for good and get out of the dark ages. It’s time to step into the light.


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