14 Politicians Who Smoked Weed

Now more than ever, politicians admitting to past cannabis use is critical. Here are 14 politicians who smoked weed and admitted it.
Gage Skidmore/ Wikimedia Commons

14. Former Pres. Bill Clinton, D-AR.

14 Politicians Who Smoked Weed
Bob McNeely/ Wikimedia Commons

No politician who smoked weed will ever be as infamous as former president Bill Clinton. Retrospectively, he recalls his comment about not inhaling as being misconstrued by the media. Certainly for many Americans, “I did not inhale,” was as difficult a lie to buy as “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Not every politician has lived a straight-laced life. To date, we know many US public offices have been held by many politicians who smoked weed. But this list only contains the ones who have been honest about their experience with weed. Surely in the years to come, more politicians who smoked weed will feel comfortable telling their toking secret.

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