Pot-Infused Halloween Candy Proven To Be An Urban Myth

Last year, the Denver Police Department and, Smart Colorado whose battle cry is “saving youth from marijuana,” outdid themselves with warnings of mortal danger facing children who might end up with pot-laced gummy bears in their trick-or-treat bags.

Now, two Halloweens after legalization in Colorado, how much pot-infused candy has been uncovered? None, according to the Denver police and Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center.

Nationally, there are no reports either.

“There’s a tremendous amount of misinformation directed at trying to scare people about the products,” Joe Hodas, of marijuana edibles company Dixie Elixirs, told CBS.

In Washington state, sheriff’s detective Ed Troyer, writing in the Tacoma Weekly, called the Halloween pot-candy scare “an urban myth,” and urged those perpetrating it not to “take Halloween away from the kids.”

“I think there was some fear-mongering going on there,” said Drew Fowler, a spokesman for the Seattle Police Department.

As a result, this year’s Denver Police Department dialed down the scare tactics. And even Smart Colorado has changed its tune.

“To be really honest, I doubt people are putting marijuana candy in little kids’ baskets,” Smart Colorado co-founder Gina Carbone told the Guardian.

Now, the group is opting instead for a different, and way scarier scheme—a billboard warning of high THC levels in Colorado’s marijuana and marijuana-concentrates.

“Dad, is today’s pot a hard drug?” the sign reads.

In terms of pot-infused Halloween candy, no national news outlet has yet to report a single incident. Sadly, however, two cases of razor blades were found in two different candy bars in the Niagara region, according to Newstalk 1010.

So, that nasty Halloween scare about the razor blades is not an urban myth… while the one about pot-infused candy still is.

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