Pot Smokers Have More Orgasms + More Fun Facts

Spring is in the air, and along with the smell of a skunky OG, love and romance are permeating our senses. 

Have you ever wondered how the cannabis community fares when it comes to matters of the heart? The folks at Match did, and have published their very first survey on the sex lives of stoners, culled from over 5,000 "representative singles" across America. The answers, by and large, weren't too surprising – but there were certainly lots of things to brag about:

Pot Users Are Relationship Minded
Singles who have smoked pot aren’t shying away from relationships. They are more likely to be actively looking for a commitment (44%) and more likely to have had relationships in the past (144).  They’re also pickier about the type of person they date. They’re less likely to date someone who is unemployed, lives at home with their parents, is a virgin, and is messier than they are.

Stoners Are Far From Lazy
Those who support legalizing pot are more likely to exercise regularly (18%) and are even most likely to have a professional or graduate degree (65% more likely than those who do not support pot). Among young adults, they are more likely to be employed (18%).

Top Cities For Single Tokers
Match also found the top five spots to date someone who smoked pot.  San Francisco is number 1 (63.38%), followed by San Antonio (60%), Nashville (54.55%), Denver (51.61%), and Seattle (51.14%).


Gen-Xers Just Say No
Nancy Reagan's infamous motto must've really struck a chord, because GenX singles are the least likely to ever smoke pot. Boomers are 57% more likely to smoke pot than a GenXer while Millennials are 16% more likely to ever have a toke compared to a GenXer. Boomers are also more likely to support legalizing marijuana overall (81%). Though when it comes to dating a pot smoker, millennials are most likely to consider it (32.91%), followed by GenX (30.7%), and Boomers (28.61%).

Cannaseurs Have More O's
People who are open to marijuana use are more likely to have had multiple orgasms (109%), have 3.6% more orgasms per sexual encounter, and are more likely to want to make out at the end of a date (30%). Not to sound like we're bragging, but….

Interest piqued? Read the complete 2016 Singles in America survey results HERE! And feel free to humble-brag using #SinglesinAmerica

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