Pot Supercut: Roseanne For President

Photo by Getty Images

Not many people know about Roseanne Barr’s galloping run for the presidency in 2012, in which she lost the Green Party nomination but eventually ran as the Peace and Freedom Party candidate. Directed by longtime Michael Moore collaborator Eric Weinrib, the darkly funny documentary “Roseanne for President!,” which premiered last year at the Tribeca Film Festival, tracks the iconic comedian on the campaign trail—although, in fact, she does most of her trail (and other) blazing from home via Skype. Barr’s rants against the sorry state of politics are mellowed by frequent smoke breaks and bolstered by friends Michael Moore, Sandra Bernhard and Rosie O’Donnell.

Check out this special trailer, cherry-picked from IFC Films for HIGH TIMES, where Roseanne preaches “We want weed legal!”

This Friday, moviegoers can enjoy the film Variety called “novel and compelling” and the Guardian called “fascinating” when it comes to the big screen in LA and New York. The couch-locked can find this important slice of American history on video-on-demand starting July 1.

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