Rebuilding The Breckenridge Smoke Shack

A “smoke shack” at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado was destroyed by officials after an Inside Edition “report” outed the structure as a place to get high.

Inside Edition’s hilariously sensationalized report included hidden cameras capturing skiers and snowboarders stopping by the shack – known as Leo’s – to smoke weed before hitting the slopes. After the video aired, the structure was demolished.

According to Breckenridge, “Ski Patrol has worked over the past decade to take down smoke shacks as they’ve become more dangerous, or elicited more illegal activity. With the Inside Edition report, Leo’s was moved to the top of the list.”

Colorado voters legalized recreational marijuana in November 2012 but the resort is located on US Forest land – where pot is still prohibited. Additionally, the Colorado Ski Safety Act prohibits skiing or snowboarding while stoned.

The US Forest Service and Breckenridge Mountain Operations used explosives to destroy the smoke shack.

Fortunately, the Leo’s Rebuild Project is underway. The group’s Facebook page states that they’re “Looking for skilled builders or people willing to put in hard labor to rebuild.” The page has received nearly 3,000 likes since February 22. Leo’s was destroyed on February 21.

These before and after photos are from the Leo’s Rebuild Project Facebook page. You can watch the Inside Edition report here.

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