Reebok Releases Hemp Sneaker with Maharishi

The Maharishi x Reebok LT Court Hemp is available this Friday.
Courtesy of Reebok

Sneaker collectors might have a new model to scratch off their lists, made from sustainable hemp. On Friday Reebok and London-based streetwear label Maharishi announced their second collaboration: the Maharishi x Reebok LT Court Hemp, a fine vintage take on the Reebok Court classic style. Maharishi has been incorporating hemp fiber as a fabric in their collections since the 1990s.

Frequently adopting camouflage, Maharishi adopts “a pacifist approach to military-grade utilitarian design,” while retaining respect for nature, utilizing technology at the same time.

The shoe incorporates an army green rubber outsole, chalk midsole, and an off-white hemp fabric upper layer. It also features a soft suede heel tab and terry lining, Maharishi all-over logo arch bandage, Maharishi logo window box, and OG LT Court components including a deconstructed toe box and cup sole tooling.

According to a press release, the Maharishi x Reebok LT Court Hemp is available this Friday on October 28 exclusively from Maharishi before its wider global release on November 7 from and retailers.

“This is yet another great opportunity for us to delve into Reebok’s rich archive of classics,” said Maharishi founder Hardy Blechman.

Blechman founded Maharishi in 1994. “Maharishi” translates literally to “great visionary” in Sanskrit, referring to the brand’s goal to create durable and ethically produced garments from hemp and organic fibers.

“The LT court is a great court shoe from Reebok’s ’80s archives,” concluded Blechman. “By utilizing hemp and a minimalistic design, the piece stays true to both Maharishi and classic Reebok styling.”

The LT court style is inspired by 1980s athletic footwear. The heel, toe cap, eyestays are all 100% suede.

Last June, the Maharishi and Reebok released the Classic Legacy AZ in a militaristic “Subdued” colorway. Currently, the LT Court Hemp is on its way, following the release of the Maharishi’s FW22 collection.

To big praise, Maharishi showcased the new shoe on Instagram.

“Hemp belongs to one of Earth’s most versatile, resilient, and advanced plant families, which makes it particularly meaningful to Maharishi as a medium for product creation,” Maharishi posted on Instagram. “It is a strong natural fibre that is naturally resistant to pests, therefore reducing its dependence on masses of harmful pesticides. Once harvested, its decomposed roots also enrich and strengthen the soil in which it grew.”

The shoemaker continued, “As a testament to Maharishi’s continued efforts to produce ethically-sound, long lasting and environmentally sustainable clothing, the second collaborative output with Massachusetts-based, British founded sportswear company sees the LT Court built with an army green rubber outsole, chalk midsole, and an off-white hemp fabric upper. Maharishi’s LT Court Hemp offers a natural, understated take on the 40-year-old court model.”

Courtesy of Reebok

High Snobiety reports that it’s “… Maharishi’s depth of knowledge surrounding fabrications that makes it such a marvel—when this is allowed to exist within another brand’s atmosphere, the results are incredible.”

Hemp clothing isn’t just a fashion statement—hemp as a plant is a “carbon warrior.” Hemp plants help the process of CO2 absorption from the atmosphere at a faster pace as compared to other trees. In water-starved states, hemp also consumes a lot less water than trees. Hemp provides regenerative properties, being able to restore vital nutrients back to the soil. There are plenty of other reasons Maharishi’s explorations into hemp fabric go beyond fashion.

Beginning on November 7, the Maharishi x Reebok LT Court Hemp will be available from

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