Sandra Harmon Developing Online Dating Site for Stoners

Famous author, former writer for the Dick Cavett Show and dating and relationship guru, Sandra Harmon,  recently told the Village Voice that she loves smoking “grass” and wished the men she’s dated shared her taste.

So, being the proactive person she is, Harmon has decided to set up an online dating site for smokers of all ages, gay or straight, medical or recreational, regular tokers and even the pot-curious. She says the goal is to foster a non-judgmental community for anyone and everyone looking to hook up or fall in love—as long as they give the “green light.”

“I wanted to do something special,” Harmon told the Voice. “People who smoke marijuana also want love and sex and rock ‘n’ roll… and do not want to feel judged.”

“M-Date,” a working title, should be ready by the end of summer and will be hosted by WeedTV.

Harmon, who came of age during the sexual revolution of the 1960s, referred to herself as “a nice middle-class girl from Brooklyn” in an interview with the Guardian when “Mafia Son” came out—a book based on Harmon’s five-year prison correspondence with one of America’s most notorious criminals, convicted mobster, Gregory Scarpa Jr.

Although she knows her site will be competing with several others, Harmon is not worried. According to a 2010 United Nations World Drug Report, nearly 100 million adults use pot in the U.S. Add this to the fact that 33 percent of American couples say they met online in 2014, and Harmon’s site seems headed for success.

She will offer a few extras, such as a relationship blog, love advice, local meet-ups, seminars, personal counseling and a place to buy weed paraphernalia and sex toys. That should make “M-Date” stand out from the pack.

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