Seattle: First Cannabis Billboards Go Up

In an attempt to capture their fair share of Washington State’s newfound recreational marijuana market, a Seattle-based cannabis company has launched the first billboard advertising campaign to ever emerge in America dedicated to promoting recreational pot products.

Seattle’s New Leaf Enterprises rolled out a 15-billboard teaser campaign on Tuesday aimed at peaking the interest of weed connoisseurs across the city and ultimately get them to try Dàmà Cannabis products. At first glance, the billboards look more like a Viagra ad than anything pertaining to cannabis, but New Leaf insists the message will come together when it unleashes the full campaign later this month during high-profile city events.

“These billboards will highlight the company’s products, capturing Pacific Northwest lifestyle moments for recreational marijuana.”

The company’s marketing plan will fly high along with the spirit of football fanatics, as an aerial banner is flown above CenturyLink Field next week to kick off the Seattle Seahawks first pre-season game against the San Diego Chargers. The ads will also commemorate the first tailgating season in the Seattle that fans can enjoy under the influence of legal marijuana.


In addition, New Leaf will have a strong presence in downtown Seattle next weekend when it waves a 3,000 square foot banner over the city welcoming those coming in to celebrate the state’s recreational marijuana industry during Hempfest.

“We want our marketing to reflect the confidence and trust that many in the medical community have come to know with Dàmà’s high-quality Cannabis products. We’ve seen a lot of curiosity from the recreational market and hopefully that curiosity will translate to affinity for our brands,” Dax Colwell, co-founder of New Leaf Enterprises, said in a statement. “Our goal is to build brand awareness and educate the market about safe, lab-tested Cannabis, in an effort to minimize the stigma that Cannabis products face with legalization.”

Advertising in Washington’s legal marijuana market still presents many challenges for marketers. That is because I-502 prohibits ads from being placed in the vicinity of schools, churches and cemeteries. We suspect this law is to keep those who said marijuana would never be made legal from rolling over in their graves.

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