Seth Rogen Provides an Inside Look at Houseplant Headquarters

Explore the operating space of Houseplant in a new video tour of the Los Angeles-based home and company headquarters.

Seth Rogen recently invited Architectural Digest to present a tour of the Houseplant headquarters’ interior décor and operations. Architectural Digest often explores the personal living spaces of celebrities, such as Cara Delevingne, Serena Williams, Chelsea Handler, Neil Patrick Harris, and Binging with Babish, to name a few.

Architectural Digest’s tour of Houseplant, which went live on April 27, is a little different. It explores the décor both as a home, as well as a business space. Houseplant was founded in 2019 by Rogen and his business partner, Evan Goldberg. Originally they partnered with Canopy Growth Corp. to operate exclusively in Canada, but have since moved to operate out of California instead, as of 2021.

The brand sells a line of cannabis that is currently only available in California, but also offers a variety of unique and modern home décor items such as ashtrays, lighters, and even a lighter caddy in the shape of Rogen’s dog, a Cavalier King Charles named Zelda.

Houseplant’s headquarters is located in a 1918 bungalow in Los Angeles. Architectural Digest describes it as “Mid-century-modern-inspired furniture creates a cozy but streamlined aesthetic.”

“I’ll be honest, we did not set out to base Houseplant out of a house, which is, as I say it, it was something you would assume we would’ve wanted from the get-go,” Rogen told Architectural Digest. “We created a weed and home goods company called Houseplant, and we needed somewhere to base our operations out of, kind of like a workspace for people to come hang out. We talk about our products a lot; a lot of our products are home goods, so we found being able to, like, see them in a home-type setting was invaluable.”

Rogen described his motivations for the Houseplant brand, which are reflected in the many products that are on display in the home. “We wanted it to come in innovative and interesting packaging,” Rogen described. “And as someone who, you know, smokes weed all day, every day, and has a home that they like to reflect their sensibilities, and who they are, and their tastes, I found myself really struggling to furnish my home in a way that complimented the fact that I smoke weed all day, every day.”

Houseplant HQ is the birthplace of many of the brand’s unique offerings. “You know, it’s just fun ’cause we would brainstorm all sorts of just… ways we could kind of express our love of weed, in as many creative ways we possibly could.”

For example, the team came up with the idea to craft unique vinyl soundtracks that are tailored to specific cannabis session vibes. “They’re essentially mixtapes that are designed to match the moods of the different strains,” he explained. “So the Sativa record is all, like, really upbeat music. And the Indica record is all, like, really, really, really mellow music. And we pick all the songs, and they’re amazing, and I listen to them all the time. And they’re actually fantastic mixes of music that do genuinely match the different types of weed.”

Ashtrays are one of the most prominent offerings of Houseplant. The home tastefully displays a large collection of vintage ashtrays that Rogen and the team have used to recreate those design elements from the 1950s to the 1970s. 

He showed off the original concept of Houseplant’s ashtray, a “deep well ceramic ashtray with a notch.”

“These are ashtrays built based on ashtrays that I made. And one of the first things I made was ashtrays, ’cause they’re not that complicated, but also ’cause I felt like this was a design that would be good and didn’t really exist,” Rogen said. “Like a little cup with a little notch in it, essentially. And so I started making them, and then we started producing them, and thousands of people now own them, and it’s lovely.” He also mentioned that when they create prototypes, they like to test them out in the office for long periods of time—sometimes for months at a time—to discern if they work properly.

“We at Houseplant have one of the largest vintage ashtray collections in the world. That being said, like I was saying, not something a lot of people are like, jockeying for, necessarily. You, at home, could very quickly, probably become the owner of one of the world’s largest vintage ashtray collections. But for the time being, we have a lot of them, and we find them inspirational, and they’re great to have around.”

Rogen led the Architectural Digest video team to an outdoor patio to meet Co-founder and CEO “Mikey” Michael Mohr, Co-Founder Alex Mcatee, and Caitlin Morris (whose role was not specified), with Rogen and Goldberg present. They briefly mentioned their plans for cannabis-infused beverages, which are expected to launch sometime in 2022. 

“Yeah, we have beverages that we’ve been working on, formulations for, and creating for. And they’ll be launching later on this year, and we’re super excited about them,” Mohr said. “They’re low dose, and mid dose, THC beverages, sparkling flavored waters that taste amazing. And no calorie, no sugar.”

Rogen and his team’s unique vision for Houseplant was one of many factors that were considered when Rogen was nominated in this year’s High Times 100.

Courtesy of Youtube / Architectural Digest
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