Social Sparks Fly With High There!

Looking to connect with like-minded cannasseurs? It’s not always easy to find your own kind. But in this uber-connected electronic age, of course there’s a social network app designed for people who smoke weed.

High There!, which launched last year, is an app that aspires to “help its community connect, share, and grow their culture, all based on sharing joints with the world.” The company announced a suite of new features today, including a “virtual smoking room”—a community-driven newsfeed to share photos, videos and commentary on all things cannabis related. The real-time stream of posts and trending hashtags has been dubbed Daily Joints.

“We’re so excited about the rollout of our new platform,” says Darren Roberts, co-founder of High There! “Over the past year we have gotten to know the High There! community, and they have been enormously engaged with the app, with upwards of 3 million interactions monthly. While the response to our app has been gratifying, we’ve also listened and responded with new elements that will make the experience even more engaging.  With Daily Joints, the community can share more about what is important and interesting to them.”

Download the app for free and connect with fellow weed enthusiasts at

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