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SOURCEvapes #FreeVapeFriday Giveaway



Our friends at SOURCEvapes are running a special vape pen giveaway for HIGH TIMES readers — win one for yourself each week! Want to participate? SIMPLY CLICK ON THIS LINK: SOURCEvapes #FREEVAPEFRIDAY GIVEAWAY to sign up for a chance to win!

Winners of SOURCEvapes' #FreeVapeFriday will win their biggest-ever giveaway featuring:

1x SOURCE ghost Dry Herb Multi-Function Kit ($99)

1x SOURCE orb w/ SOURCE terra Technology ($79.95)

16x SOURCE orb + globe Atomizer 5-Packs ($499!)

Total: $677.95 per giveaway!

The ghost:
The ghost from SOURCEvapes is one of the most advanced discreet herbal portable vaporizers ever made — and unlike many others, this one truly does vape your herbs. Moreover its 3-in-1 multi-function adjustments lets you take down your favorite oil and concentrates as well as dry herbs with three distinct temperature settings (374F, 410F, 446F).
The moral of the story? If you're going to say that you're vaporizing, you should get yourself one of the ghosts and really vape your herbs. The discreet nature of the model is great for on your lunch break, commuting to and from work, a weekend hang on the couch with some friends and nearly any other scenario you can think of. And let's be real here, when you find a personal vape you like, there's no separating the two of you — so stop looking and snag one today!

The orb:

The orb from SOURCEvapes is an interesting new choice on the market if you're looking for a vape pen. The first thing you'll notice is that this thing is a freaking tank — not only can you smoke out out it, you could probably use it for self-defense to knock out any crazed scumbags trying to steal your stash. But honestly, it is not distracting in the least bit considering it still fits in your pocket and can be pretty incognito if you need it to be. Moreover, you WILL NOT break this thing, which is a nice feeling. The piece has an easily replaceable atomizer, so you only have to get replacements rather than having to purchase another full attachment. Furthermore, it's super affordable in comparison to some pens you'll see on the market today. You won't break the bank for either the starter package or the replacement pieces.

Now to the good part: How does it pull? The answer comes down to the double air holes they placed on either side of the mouthpiece — this thing rips HARD. You will not be disappointed when you plug in some of your favorite concentrate. It'll rip you a little harder than most pens, but less than taking a hit from a full dab rig. Definitely a happy medium that'll leave you good and stoned without coughing up a lung.

On a sobriety scale of Flanders to Homer, our rating is that SOURCEvapes hit a full-blown Homer:

Our friends at Source Vapes are running a special vape pen giveaway for HIGH TIMES readers — win one for yourself each week! Want to participate? SIMPLY CLICK ON THIS LINK: SOURCE VAPES ORB GIVEAWAY to sign up for a chance to win!